UK Police Arrests Two Over Gatwick Airport Drone Disruption

UK Police Arrests Two Over Gatwick Airport Drone Disruption

At the London Gatwick airport, after the repeated drone alarm slowly returns to normal operation. Previously, two suspects a man and a woman had been arrested. About 757 flights with approximately 124,000 passengers are to be handled during the day again at the London Gatwick airport.

Slowly normality returns to the airport after the multiple drone alarm. The day-long chaos had led to numerous delays and failures – and into the morning. Many passengers had to wait a long time for their departure.

On Friday night, police arrested two suspects in the Gatwick Airport area. It is a 47-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman from Crawley, only eight kilometers from the airport. In Crawley, the two were also caught by the police.

The investigators do not assume a terrorist background. They also believe that it is unlikely that a foreign government has its fingers in the game, a police spokesman said. On the other hand, the authorities do not want to rule out that the perpetrators are radical environmentalists.

On Thursday, the second largest airport in the UK had been completely shut down most of the day. Dozens of times, drones have been spotted – whenever flight operations resume.

At the airport partly chaotic conditions prevailed. Incoming machines had to be diverted and some hundreds of kilometers away airports such as Amsterdam and Paris drive. The Minister of Transport loosened the night-flight bans at other airports in order to cope with the volume of traffic by pilots diverted there.

After flight operations were resumed after a 36-hour shutdown on Friday morning, another drone was discovered in the evening. Again, the airfield had to be closed for about an hour.

The drones were classified as “industrial”. Under British law, it is forbidden to raise a drone within one kilometer of an airport. Infringements may result in imprisonment of up to five years. Gatwick Airport is located 45 kilometers south of London and is the UK’s second largest airport with 43 million passengers a year.

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