Police find ISIS Flag After Suspected Attack on Railway

Police find ISIS Flag After Suspected Attack on Railway

In connection with the damage to a railway overhead line in Berlin-Karlshorst, the police on Tuesday investigated the alleged crime scene again. There were more traces sought and secured, said a spokesman. Among them are also a flag of the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS) and documents with Arabic characters, as the police announced in the afternoon. Regional and EC trains run on the railway.

“To what extent the secured objects are in relation to the damage is just as subject of the investigation, as a possible reference to a dangerous interference in the rail traffic, which occurred at the beginning of October on a railway line between Nuremberg and Munich,” it says in a press release. “Bild” and “BZ” speak of 60 pamphlets and a found throw anchor.

Because of the mission, the route of the regional train between the S-Bahn stations Wuhlheide and Karlshorst was closed. After just under an hour and a half, the track was free again. The state security suspects in the catenary damage a political background. There was the suspicion of dangerous interference in the rail traffic, it said on Monday. According to the information, a torn tether and a damaged supply cable point out.

According to the police, the find has parallels with a case in Bavaria. In October unknown offenders had stretched a thin steel cable over the tracks of the ICE line Nuremberg Munich. In the incident, a windshield of an ICE from Dortmund to Munich had been damaged, no one was injured. The police classified the incident not as a stop, but as a dangerous interference in the train.

Nearby the crime scene, a colorful threatening letter with several black and white copies in Arabic was discovered. In November, it was said that the offense may have a right-wing extremist background. “We think it is possible that it was a radicalized individual offender from the extreme right-wing milieu, which wanted to provoke just before the state election in Bavaria mood against refugees,” said one investigator the newspapers of the editorial network Germany.

The texts had originated from well-known Internet forums, are freely available and could easily be used by anyone else. It means that, as long as the EU attacks the caliphate state, further attacks on the railway would take place. A reference to the jihadist militia Islamic State was “very unlikely”, it was said. It is possible, however, that the letters were used to fool a connection to the Islamist scene.

The damage had been reported between the S-Bahn stations Karlshorst and Wuhlheide on Sunday afternoon by the Deutsche Bahn. Rail traffic was stopped or severely impaired for several hours. The alleged intervention took place immediately prior to the annual Christmas. FC Union Berlin taking place in the stadium at the Alte Försterei. However, the traffic could be resumed in the evening, so that it came for the arriving Union fans hardly to delays.

According to a police spokesman, the routes were affected by S-Bahn and regional train and police had found a torn tether and a damaged supply cable. The police have secured traces and discovered evidence.

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