22-year-old Woman Killed by Lion that Escaped Enclosure at Zoo

22-year-old Woman Killed by Lion that Escaped Enclosure at Zoo

A lion attacked and killed a young American woman who worked in a zoo in North Carolina, the Conservators Center, as reported by the center on Sunday. The woman, identified as Alexandra Black, 22 years old, was passionate about wild animals and had only 10 days doing an internship at the zoo, which is located in the town of Burlington, with 45,000 inhabitants and located in the north of the city. State.

In a statement posted on its Facebook account, the wild animal breeding center, which receives some 16,000 visitors a year, declares itself “devastated by the loss of human life” and expresses its condolences to the victim’s family.

In the note, he explains that the events took place on Sunday morning “while a team led by a professional tutor was doing the routine cleaning of the feline enclosure”. At one point, “one of the lions managed to escape from the cabin where he was locked” and entered the “space where the humans were and quickly killed a person”.

Center workers tried to reassure the man, and after failing to do so, he was shot and killed “to allow emergency personnel from Caswell County to retrieve the body” of the woman. The sheriff ‘s office is investigating the attack and his boss, Tony Durden, has said that the firefighters had at bay with hoses to the lion, about 270 kilos, while the staff tried to take him. At the time of the event, eleven thirty in the morning local time, the center was open to the public, so the visitors were taken to a safe place.

“It is not clear at the moment how the lion could leave the enclosure,” confesses the center, which stresses that it never left “the perimeter fence of the park. ” The center, which will remain “closed until further notice,” adds that an investigation is open and that it does not have more details, although it is committed to continuing reporting as more information becomes available.

“We need to assess our situation very seriously and we must make sure that everyone, workers and visitors, are safe and feel safe because this is something very scary,” Mindy Stinner, the center’s executive director, confessed, adding that she had never been before. produced a similar incident.

The zoo, founded in 1999 in the town of Mebane and later moved to a wooded area of 18 hectares in the county of Caswell, houses about 70 animals of 21 species, many of them rescued from “unacceptable living conditions. ” Of these, 15 are lions, but the Conservators Center has not identified which of them is the aggressor, or even if it was male or female.

The North Carolina section of the Humane Society claims that it is the male Matthai, whose photo and description is not currently on the center’s website, which does have chips of another 14 lions. Yes, you are mentioned in the Ice section, a lioness arriving at the park to be her companion.

In an Instagram post, the center explains that the lion was named in honor of the deceased Wangari Maathai, the peace activist and environmentalist from Kenya who won the Nobel when the copy came into the world. In another entry, they say that he was born on September 18, 2004.

His mother, Kiara Lioness was rescued that year by the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the center along with 13 other lions and tigers. The lioness was pregnant with four puppies: Matthai, Calvin, Savik and Katrina. According to the center, which describes him as too lazy even to roar, Matthai he was “the timidest” of the brothers.

Alexandra Black had recently graduated from Indiana University, where she was born, says Wral, a subsidiary of ABC. In a statement collected by the same means, Black’s family told that he had already done three previous internships because “he really wanted to develop his professional life with animals.”

“She was a beautiful young woman who had just started her career, there was a terrible accident and we are in mourning,” the family says, adding that the girl “died following her passion”. To honor his memory, the family asks for donations for Wolf Park of Battleground (Indiana), where Black had previously worked.

In a statement, Humane Society, the largest animal protection society in the country, takes advantage of the event to lament that in North Carolina, “people can easily acquire big cats, bears and other dangerous wild animals and keep them in inhumane and insecure conditions”.

“This devastating incident underscores the need for stricter laws and regulations on the private possession of dangerous wild animals to ensure the safety of workers, the public and animals,” he said in the note, which states that North Carolina It is one of the only four US states that do not have it.

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