Embossing Powder Market Growth and Opportunity 2019 | Future Market Insights

Embossing Powder Market Growth and Opportunity 2019 | Future Market Insights

Embossing Powder Market: Introduction

Embossing Powder also known as thermographic powder, are used to create raised design on the printed area. Embossing powder is made up of plastic resigns. Embossing powder is a powdered substance used in combustion with slow drying inks to create an embossed image. The embossing powder is polymerized with the help of heat. Embossing powder is generally of two type’s transparent or opaque type. Transparent type embossing powder is most common in the market as they take the color of the underlying ink. In the today’s dynamic world, changing consumer demand and rapid technological developments, companies are endeavouring new strategies to differentiate their products and service; visual aesthetics of products creates value for consumers; hence embossing powder is being adopted in the market. Embossing powder is used by commercial printers to make raised letter and images for business cards, social announcements and greeting cards. Moreover increasing art and craft activities across the globe is also influencing the growth in the demand of embossing powder. The embossing powder adds vibrancy and texture to papercraft and mixed media projects.

Embossing Powder Market: Dynamics

Over the past couple of years the global embossing powder market has witnessed robust growth driven by changing demographic trend. Moving ahead, the long term growth prospect for embossing powder is expected to remain positive supported by positive economic outlook and increasing disposable income. Among powder type, transparent type embossing powder is estimated to dominate the market, however, the opaque type segment is gaining traction in the market with gold and silver color getting attraction for various applications. Factors such as, increasing urban population and rising disposable income are influencing people to invest on luxurious stuffs; this in turn is expected to drive the demand for embossing powder. Another, factor which is expected to drive the growth of embossing powder is increasing consumer preference towards improved aesthetics and value addition towards the consumer products through enhanced visual aspects.

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Moreover, in light of the increasing interest in dynamic aspects of consumer behaviour, it is clear that consumer taste plays an acute role in judgment and decision making for the embossing powder market participants, during product development. The global embossing powder market is teeming with a large number of players having a range of contribution to the value chain. The companies in the embossing powder market are adopting product differentiation strategy to surge ahead of rivals and gain competitive advantage in the cutting edge competitive environment.

Embossing Powder Market: Segmentation

The global embossing powder market on the basis of powder type can be segmented as:

  • Transparent Type Embossing Powder
  • Opaque Type Embossing Powder

The global embossing powder market on the basis of application can be segmented as:

  • Fine Detail
  • Dimensional
  • Regular granulation

Embossing Powder Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, Asia Pacific holds the dominating share in the global embossing powder market. The region’s growth has been primarily facilitated by rapid population growth and increasing number of affluent population. Countries such as India, China and ASEAN countries are expected to significantly contributing towards the growth of embossing powder market in Asia Pacific region. North America embossing powder is expected to witness moderate growth during forecast period. Europe embossing powder market is expected to experience steady growth over the forecast period. In Latin America, countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are expected to create market opportunities for companies driven by positive political and economic outlook.

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Embossing Powder Market: Market participants

The global embossing powder market is a fragmented market with a large number of local manufacturers. Asia Pacific region with countries such as China and India, is attracting a the market participants across the global embossing powder market driven by rapid upsurge in demand for embossing powder for various applications. Some of the key market participants operating in the global embossing powder market include:

  • Stewart Superior Corp.
  • Fine Glitter Powder (China)
  • Percolour polymer co.,ltd.
  • Pavan Forniture Grafiche SpA
  • Faust Thermographic Inc.
  • Caslon Limited
  • Tonic Studio
  • Creative Expressions
  • Stampendous

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