Flocking Adhesives Market to Penetrate Untapped Regions During 2017-2025

Global Flocking Adhesives Market: Introduction

Flocking is a process wherein fibers are deposited on to a substrate coated an adhesives. Here small fiber particles, i.e. flock, are deposited onto a substrate in a continuous process called flocking process and adhesives used in flocking process are termed as flocking adhesives. Generally, the flocking process is preferred in order to impart color, aesthetic appearance and tactile sensitivity, among others. Also, the flocking process is carried out to provide low reflectivity, friction, grip, insulation and other properties on to the end product. Thus, increasing adoption of flocking process is expected to result in an increase in demand for flocking adhesives across the globe. Flocking adhesives are selected depending on the characteristic properties and desired finish. Some of the characteristic properties imparted by flocking adhesives include flexibility, flame retardancy, wash-ability, solvent resistance, and pigmentation, among others. Methods that are used for the application of flocking adhesives are roll-to-roll flocking, roll-over-platform coaters and reverse roll method. Flocking adhesives can be applied using spray applicators, silk-screen, brushing, spraying and dipping, among others. Flocking adhesives provide several advantages such as noise damping, resistance to wear and weathering, facilitate glass sliding, among others. Different types of flocking adhesives are used for different applications, for instance, polyurethane based are used for vinyl, urethanes are also used for better toughness whereas conductive adhesives are used for flock coatings (through electrostatic means), among others. Demand for flocking adhesives such as polyurethane-based adhesives is mainly supported by several factors such as the stronger bonding and high elongation properties. Such adhesives are used in windscreens and windows of passenger cars, trucks, and luxury vehicles. Flocking adhesives also find application for bonding fiberglass reinforced plastic in roofing, and panels, among others.

Global Flocking Adhesives Market: Dynamics

Rising per capita income, expenditure coupled with increasing demand for luxury products and coated fabrics in turn are expected to result in increase in demand for the flocking adhesive market over the forecast period. Further, changing consumer preference towards the decorative and high-value products is expected to help drive the demand for flocking adhesives. Further, increasing use of alternative materials in automotive interior and exterior applications in order to effect weight savings and, in turn, reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency, is expected to drive demand for flocking adhesives.  Flock adhesives are used for bonding, assembling and laminating automotive interior components. Significant growth of automotive industry across the globe coupled with increasing adoption of alternative light-weight materials by OEM’s in order to comply with stringent environmental regulations is expected to translate into an increase in demand for flocking adhesives.

Global Flocking Adhesives Market: Segmentation

On the basis of product type, the flocking adhesives market is segmented as follows:

  • Polyurethane based flocking adhesives
  • Acrylic based flocking adhesives
  • Epoxy resin based flocking adhesives
  • Other flocking adhesives

On the basis of application, the flocking adhesives market is segmented as follows:

  • Automotive
  • Textiles
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Others

Global Flocking Adhesives Market: Regional Outlook

Asia-pacific holds a significant share in the global Flocking Adhesives market. Growing population, rising infrastructure development activities coupled with rising disposable incomes, are expected to continue to drive the demand for higher value-decorative products, which in turn is projected to drive the rise in demand for Flocking Adhesives. In terms of consumption, China and India are the major markets for the Flocking Adhesives in the region. It is estimated that the global Flocking Adhesives market in APAC will register a robust growth over the forecast period. Europe follows North America, in terms of consumption of Flocking Adhesives. Owing to the rising demand from automotive industry and growing demand for luxury products, flocking adhesives market in Europe is expected to grow steadily during the forecast period. Latin America and MEA regions are expected to register steady growth over the forecast period.

Global Flocking Adhesives Market: Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Flocking Adhesives market identified across the value chain include The Dow Chemical Company, Kissel + Wolf GmbH, Schuster Beflockung, Sika AG, LORD Corporation, CHT, Stahl Holdings B.V., Ralken Colours, StanChem, Inc., and H.B. Fuller Company, among others.


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